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At Allan Block  Corporation, our goal is to be a visionary in the field of concrete construction and today's leader in Mortarless Technology. We continually develop our creative and innovative construction products, revolutionizing the way the world builds. Our advanced systems offer the most efficient and practical alternatives to traditional construction, while maintaining the highest standard of quality available on the market. Our diverse array of products, meet the changing demands of the modern construction world. 

We will work diligently to build and support our exceptional network of concrete product manufacturers and construction professionals, in order to bring products into the market as quickly and effectively as possible. The exclusive Allan Block network will be positioned to offer unparalleled service and support to our projects and customers. The Allan Block commitment to combining superior products with exceptional service will make Allan Block products - products you can trust. This will make our practical, effective and environmentally conscious concrete systems the most logical choice for construction in the future.

The Company
 Over the last couple decades, Allan Block has become a prominent global hardscapes company. We supply the world with innovative alternatives to traditional concrete construction, through advances in Mortarless Technology systems. Our success began with the introduction of our patented segmental retaining wall product -
The Original Allan Block. The Allan Block system effectively meets the needs of a changing building community, by combining sophisticated technology with simple design concepts. It solves the construction needs of real people by integrating ease of installation, economic efficiency and durability qualities that make Allan Block products a hallmark of the concrete construction industry. The same careful attention to research and design has been used throughout the development of all our Mortarless Technology systems. This growing family of patented  products offers the industry intelligent, practical and effective building materials. In addition to our commitment to develop superior systems, Allan Block is also devoted to cultivating a significant network of Allan Block professionals and programs to transfer our innovations to the world. The intelligent combination of inventive products, involved professionals and influential programs is a true signature of the Allan Block Advantage

The Products
  The introduction of the stackable retaining wall system was an overwhelming industry success. At
Allan Block we are proud to have been there from the beginning, offering the most advanced segmental retaining wall system available on the market. What makes our Allan Blocks so popular is that our patented system offers the easiest, most durable and most cost effective product on the market. This coupled with the flexibility of design; wide assortment of sizes, styles and colours makes Allan Blocks the preferred product for retaining wall construction around the world. The extensive energy that goes into the research and testing of each product gives our consumers confidence in a quality product. The design of the Allan Block will continue to be successful, because it addresses the real design and construction needs of the world today.

 Allan Block is a leader in new product innovations in colour and style options using the retaining wall products in the AB Collection and AB Europa Collection. At Allan Block, we believe the same qualities that made segmental retaining walls a success will continue to make our other mortarless products successful in the future. 

Stone Works Canada has access to outdoor showroom and a yard stocked  full of natural stone products from best manufactures like Allan Block as well as landscape supplies and accessories such as bulk and bagged aggregates, polymeric sand, aluminum and plastic edging, adhesives and wide variety of tools needed for successful completion of any outdoor project.

We sell and install flagstone paving stones, natural stone steps, copings, pool copings, tumbled cobbles, interlocking cobbles, curbs, tiles, granite slabs, pier caps, walling stone, jumbo slabs and much more.

Please contact us by phone at 905.486.936 or stoneworkscanada@gmail.com so we can develop a more in-depth understanding of your needs and begin to work on your customized design, site plans and price quote as soon as possible. Our service is always courteous, professional and competitive.

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