The Expert  Installation of Big Block Retaining Walls

Need to install Redi-Rock Big Block Retaining Walls?

Until now, retaining wall construction has been no easy feat. Most retaining wall systems made of small dry cast stones have made retaining wall construction a challenge. But now, with Redi-Rock's wet cast concrete retaining wall systems, retaining wall construction has never been easier!

To make your block retaining wall installation easy, Redi-Rock has created a block retaining wall system more advanced than other block retaining wall systems available. Our block retaining walls are made from a wet cast concrete and are more aesthetically pleasing than most block retaining walls.

Engineered with revolutionary knob and groove connections and fork slots for easy loading and unloading, Redi-Rock block retaining walls wipe out the competition in efficiency and ease of installation!

Each retaining wall block is constructed with state-of-the-art knob and groove connections, so during construction each retaining wall block fits perfectly into place. With fork slots for easy loading and unloading during retaining wall construction, you'll be glad you chose Redi-Rock for your retaining wall construction project!

Redi-Rock Retaining Wall Series

Limestone & Cobblestone Textures Available


Retaining Walls: The Big Block Advantage

Redi-Rock's advanced retaining wall block systems are made of only the most durable, pre-cast concrete retaining wall blocks. Each retaining wall block weighs around 2,000 lbs., so no wind, rain or snow is going to knock these retaining wall blocks down! Our retaining wall blocks can be stacked into durable retaining walls climbing up to 13 ½ feet  and, with geo-grid special reinforcement, we can stack our retaining wall blocks even higher!

Big block retaining walls are specially designed and engineered with the appearance of natural stone; yet our block retaining walls are made of concrete so they are more durable and have lower costs than other block retaining wall systems. Big block retaining walls are available in both limestone and cobblestone textures.

Interlocking Stone Pavers - Permanence - Versatility

Homeowners, builders and landscape architects get lasting peace of mind from choosing interlocking concrete pavers. Our extensive selection of quality, pre-cast paving stones offers timeless solutions for projects involving driveways, walkways, outdoor patios and pool areas.

Why? Simply put, paving systems provide the aesthetic appeal and durability of natural aggregates at an economical price. Interlock paving stones withstand high traffic and rugged weather conditions.

Retaining Walls - Permanence - Versatility

These are many benefits of  manufactured from high-density concrete retaining wall systems.  They offer strengths comparable to natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Each piece has been precision manufactured to fit or lock into place.

Block retaining walls require no foundation and lock together without pins, clips or mortar. The front lip creates a built-in setback and the hollow core makes them easy to handle, easy to stack and promotes built-in drainage.

As a result, retaining wall systems have become the preferred building blocks for a myriad of residential and commercial landscape projects.

Today's modern manufacturing techniques and colour blending ensure that, whether your project involves a garden planter or a large retaining wall project, the end result is a job you'll be proud to call your own.

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