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Stone Works Canada  has been selling and installing high quality hard landscaping materials, brand name natural stone, interlock pavers, flagstone in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding areas with a superior customers service for over 8 years.

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Our distributors have outdoor showrooms and yards stocked  full of natural and man made stone, bricks, brick veneers, ceramic tiles, marble slabs, concrete, interlocking stone, retaining walls products that you can buy and have delivered to your site and installed by our certified installers and stone masons from best manufactures like:

Allan Block | Banas Stone | Bestway Stone | Bradstone |

Navascape | Oaks  | Permacon Techo-Bloc | Unilock |


Belden Brick | Brampton Brick Permacon  | Sure Touch

Stone Works Canada offers several different aggregates for delivery and sale, in addition to  brick, blocks, interlock pavers, stone, clean fill, and materials suitable for construction and landscaping projects, we can arrange for one time delivery, or scheduled deliveries to meet the timetable of your construction project.

Whether you need your material delivered, distributed or hauled away, recycled or disposed of, we offer you a full excavating and machine capability that will ensure you get your job done on time and on budget.

Aggregates, Building Materials, Landscape Supplies Sales

Landscape supplies and accessories such as bulk and bagged aggregates - adhesives - aluminum and plastic edging - cleaners & sealers - polymeric sands and wide variety of  tools needed for successful completion of any outdoor or indoor home improvement and landscaping project.

Cleaners and Sealers Sales ...

We use the best product manufactures to assure homeowners with highest  standards for all landscaping and outdoor construction needs. products that you can buy and have delivered to your site and installed by our certified sealers from manufactures like:

Dry Treat | Enviro Bond | Seal King | Techniseal

Polymeric Jointing Sand
Polymeric Jointing Sand for pavers is a high-tech mix of graded sand and binder, specially formulated for the filling of joints when installing pavers or slabs, or when replacing existing joints.
Polymeric sand hardens like cement when water is added unlike conventional sand, it stays in place and remains stable.
Enviro Bond | Techniseal |
Interlock Restraints
Interlock Restraint is used to hold the outside edge of pavers and small walls.  We sell two types plastic or aluminum.  Aluminum has more strength, but cost a little more. We also carry the 10 spikes required to fasten this product to the ground.


Interlocking Sealers
Interlocking Sealer is used to protect the interlock and polymeric sand from the weather.  When applied, sealer will bring out all of the colours of the brick.  It can be applied as glossy or low gloss.   Techniseal and Seal King also have products that can be used to remove stains, clean old brick, etc.

Dry Treat | Seal King | Techniseal

Adhesives for Interlocking stones
Ideal for securing stair treads, pillar caps or the coping course of any wall A 310 mL tube will secure approximately 2 m (7 ft) of wall based on a 9.5 mm (3/8 in) bead A 850 mL tube will secure approximately 6 m (20 ft) of wall based on a 9.5 mm (3/8 in) bead


 Aggregates, Building Materials, Landscape Supplies Sales

3/4" Clear Gravel

¾ clear gravel is a washed product that is used as a base only when compaction is not possible.  It allows for drainage around foundations, behind walls, around and under weeping tile, under decks, drainage ditches, under concrete pads, can be mixed with concrete, etc. 
3/4" Crush Gravel
¾ crush gravel contains limestone fines that when compacted create a solid base.  It is used under driveways, interlocking pavers and slabs, patio stones, interlock retaining walls, armor stone walls, etc. 
Limestone Screening
Limestone screening is a fine product about ¼ of an inch in size with the same limestone fines as ¾ crush.  It is used as the final grade on the top of the base for interlocking patios, driveways, and under patio slabs.  It is often known as the product used on base ball diamonds. 
High Performance Bedding Aggregate (HPB)
HPB is a fine limestone product about ¼ of an inch in size.  All of the limestone fines are washed out of this aggregate.  This product is unique because it can be used to lay the larger slab interlock and patio stones, without needing to compact your last layer of base.  HPB is 98% compact product when used in a base
3/8" Pea Stone
3/8 pea stone is a round aggregate that is used also as a base under patios.  It also can be used without compaction when using the proper depth of product.  It can also be used in drainage situations the same as ¾ crush. 
1 to 3" River Rock
1 to 3 river rock is a decorative aggregate that can be used in landscapes to boarder houses, beds, and landscaped areas.  It can also be used in waterfalls, or bubbling rocks to create a river bed look.  Can be used as a boarder along interlock. 
Brick Sand
Brick sand can also be used as the final base layer for interlock.  It can be used under patio stones.  It can be swept into the crack of the pavers after installation.  It can also be used for sand boxes for playgrounds. 
Concrete Sand
Concrete sand is more course aggregate.  It is used in mixing concrete and mortar mixes. 


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Stone Works Canada  sells, delivers and installs interlock stone pavers, retaining walls from from the best product manufactures and suppliers to assure homeowners with highest  standards for all landscaping and outdoor and indoor construction needs.

Allan Block | Banas Stone | Bestway Stone | Bradstone |

Navascape | Oaks  | Permacon Techo-Bloc | Unilock |


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